Strategic goals of the Company

Main goals and strategic directions of the activity of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. (formerly Centrum Handlu Hurtowego Sp. z o.o.) are aimed at maintaining the current management efficiency, diversification of commercial activities and consolidation of the image and strengthening the market position of the Company, assuming the implementation of the planned objectives:

  • Establishment of a regional market under the name of Śląski Rynek Rolno-Hurtowy, which will complement the existing food market with a market for unprocessed agricultural products;
  • Investments in advanced IT solutions, modernization of technical and hardware infrastructure, implementation of new system tools supporting the commercial activity of operators and employees of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o .;
  • Preparation of the hall for representatives of foreign companies offering traditional products from their countries;
  • Introduction of new elements of the company’s visualization and intensive promotion of the OBROKI brand;
  • Optimization of the sales area, organization of the Company’s activity in the spirit of continuous self-improvement, and what is associated with it – continuous improvement of the quality of services and products offered.


  • Operating in a place with many years of wholesale traditions;
  • Over 90% use of the space intended for rent;
  • Satisfying profitability of operations enabling financing from own resources of replacement investment expenditures;
  • well organized vehicle traffic service in the present area of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. (wide roads, easy access to halls, easy loading and unloading opportunities, working hours convenient for clients);
  • Stability of the offer and its sensitizing to the client’s needs.


  • Decisions of local authorities regarding the construction of a road – a junction – between the centre of Chorzów and the A4 motorway intersecting the Intercity Road and running in the vicinity of the present areas of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o .;
  • The proximity of Euroterminal in Sławków, which in the near future may be the main distribution point for Poland and Western Europe of food imported from Ukraine.

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