REGULATIONS of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o.


The object of activity of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. is renting commercial, warehouse, office and advertising space, the provision of telecommunications and internet services, repair services and creation of the best conditions for entities engaged in wholesale and retail trade in agri-food, industrial and chemical products on the property at Obroki 130.

§ 1 General Regulations

  1. These Regulations are valid throughout the area administered by Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. and is available on the Internet and placed on the facade of Hall 1 at gate No. 1.
  2. Companies authorized to trade in the area of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. are business entities that have legal rights required to run a business and have a valid lease agreement with Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o.
  3. Business entities shall act on their own behalf and on their own account.

§ 2 General principles of doing business

  1. Tenants can only be natural persons, legal persons or organizational units without legal personality, to whom separate provisions confer legal capacity and entities operating on the basis of separate provisions.
  2. The obligation to obtain appropriate permits or concessions required by law and concerning the object of activity rests with the Tenant.
  3. Entering the area of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. by car and the use of parking spaces during trading hours is free of charge.
  4. Parking for vehicles in designated places from 18.00 to 6.00 is subject to a parking fee in accordance with the price list adopted by the Management Board.
  5. The rules set out in the Road Traffic Act apply to the traffic of motor vehicles.
  6. The maximum permissible vehicle speed on the site is 20 km/h.
  7. Commercial activities are conducted in the following facilities:

a) in Halls No. 1, 2, 3 and 4,

b) on Sheds No. 1 and 2,

c) in the Trade Pavilion,

d) on the fruit and vegetable market,

e) on the outskirts of the area.

  1. Running a business outside the places listed in paragraph 7 is allowed after obtaining the consent of the Management Board of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o.
  2. In the area of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy Obroki Sp. z o. o. there is a ban on business activities related to games of chance and mutual wagering.
  3. Trade in goods should meet all the requirements arising from the applicable regulations.
  4. Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for:

a) obligations of entities operating in its area and the quality of goods sold,

b) theft or damage to vehicles caused in connection with the movement of vehicles, including fork-lift trucks and manual trucks, and their leaving on the premises,

c) damage caused to property and goods as a result of theft, destruction, damage, corruption, improper storage,

d) damages resulting from random events and failures (including failure of the electricity network or water supply network) not caused by Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o.

§ 3 Rules for renting space

  1. The rules for renting commercial, warehouse, office, advertising, and exhibition-shelving areas are regulated in the lease agreements and these Regulations.
  2. Any changes made to the rented premises, in particular making improvements, setting up technical installations, plumbing, etc., require a written consent of the Management Board of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o.
  3. Tenants using exhibition spaces are obliged to limit the exposition of goods to the area marked with lines. After finishing the trade, this area should be completely emptied by the Tenant.
  4. Placing advertising boards on the premises is payable and possible after signing the contract. The procedure in this respect is regulated by the program for the development of advertising space in ŚRH OBROKI.

§ 4 General obligations of the Tenant

  1. Tenants doing business at the premises of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. are obliged to:

a) conclude a lease agreement and conduct business within a designated area,

b) mark a trading stand on the billboard in a designated place and according to a design approved by the Management Board of the Company,

c) comply with sanitary, health and safety at work regulations, fire protection regulations, order regulations and other regulations relevant to conducting business activity,

d) maintain cleanliness in the place of activity and in the immediate environment,

e) comply with the prohibition of smoking, with the exception of designated places,

f) remove on a regular basis all waste and combustible materials to designated containers in designated places,

g) insure the goods and items present in the object of the lease – in particular from theft, flooding, fire or other fortuitous events,

h) store goods on pallets,

i) in the case of forklifts: to have a valid admission to operation certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection and to ensure that the person driving the forklift has been authorized to operate it.

The Tenant is obliged to make the object of the lease available to the employees of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. in order to:

a) perform periodic, and in justified cases, an ad hoc review of the technical condition of the premises being leased,

b) take monthly readings of installed meters,

c) perform maintenance of the existing internet network,

d) perform repairs, which are the Tenant’s responsibility, and which are necessary to preserve the object of the lease in a non-deteriorated condition, after a previous, unsuccessful appeal to the Tenant to perform the repair within the deadline set by the Management Board of the Company.

In case of hindering or preventing the performance of activities listed in paragraph 2, the Lessor is entitled to enter the premises and perform necessary actions.

§ 5 Order and fire regulations

  1. In the area of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. it is prohibited to:

a) bring and leave waste and rubbish in the area,

b) bring animals,
c) use hazardous materials (corrosive, explosive, pyrotechnic materials),

d) consume alcoholic beverages, excluding eating places,

e) stay in the area in the state of intoxication or indicating alcohol consumption,

f) smoke tobacco in places that are not designated for that purpose,

g) drive vehicles contrary to the marking,

h) drive vehicles and engine-powered trucks in the interior of the halls,

i) drive forklift trucks that do not have current authorization to operate,

j) use hand and pallet trucks in a manner that is inconsistent with their intended use,

k) carry out renovation and modernization works without required permits and without a prior written consent of the Management Board,

l) conduct fire-hazardous work, i.e. welding, grinding, soldering and other use of open fire without proper consent,

m) conduct door-to-door sales,

n) show behaviour that is contrary to generally accepted social and cultural standards or violating the applicable law.

§ 6

Not following these Regulations, requirements and sanitary-hygienic, epidemiological and fire regulations will be the basis for the:

1) imposition of a regulatory fee provided for in the lease agreement and the Table of statutory fees constituting Annex No. 1 to these Regulations,

2) notification or submission of a request for punishment to the competent authority,

3) termination of the lease agreement immediately.

§ 7 Final Provisions

  1. The Regulations of ŚRH OBROKI were approved by Resolution No. 1/9/2013 of the Company’s Management Board of 04/09/2013.
  2. The Management Board of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to introduce changes to these Regulations.
  3. These Regulations enter into force on 01/10/2013.

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