Yesterday in the area of ​​the Silesian Wholesale Market OBROKI was held the opening of the OBROKI City Apiary, located on the roof of the board building. Although the idea seems abstract, colonization of city blocks, high-rise buildings, apiary companies is a great solution, not only for people, but also for bees. The local beekeepers maintain in their beekeepers an appropriate, non-aggressive, non-breeding breed of bees. Materials from which hives are made guarantee proper thermal insulation, and the structure provides ventilation, thanks to which high temperatures prevailing on the roofs are not threatening for apiaries. It is also important to have access to drinkers, thanks to which the workers have access to water within a few meters from the beehive.

Research shows that honey from the city is just as clean and tasty as that from the countryside. The main task of urban hives, however, is not the commercial production of honey, but the promotion of bees, spreading knowledge about them among city dwellers.

In the vicinity of the Obroków there are a lot of lindens, acacias, there are also allotment gardens, as well as single-family houses, where there are many melliferous plants in the gardens. Bees should therefore not lack food. According to beekeepers, next year at this time, there will be about 60,000 bees in one beekeeping family.

– The idea followed me a few years. It turned out that you can be on Obrokach. It seems to me that this is something wonderful. This is EKO, it is on time, and we give a new life, yes? In addition, it is very related to our market – fruits, vegetables. Bees are useful as much as possible. Without bees, life will die – as Einstein said – four years, we’re gone – so we’re contributing to keep us going – says Krzysztof de Mehlem, President of the Board of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. from o. o.

We invite you to the photo gallery from this event. We will keep you informed about the future of our apiary.

City apiary OBROKI!
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