The Management Board of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.]. makes every effort to increase visibility, make the Company image more attractive and modernized, and to maximize brand awareness in the Company’s environment.

The goal of marketing activities is to increase the sales of retail and warehouse space, to optimize its use and increase the interest of the Buyers in the offer of the Operators active at the OBROKI Market.

The establishment of Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o. is related to the history of several other entities that operated in the area the Company currently occupies.

The first owner of the property was Wojewódzkie Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Wewnętrznego /WPHW – Voivodeship Enterprise for Internal Trade/.

The WPHW’s business activity on the premises was focused on organizing and conducting sales (retail-wholesale) of non-food consumer goods, especially footwear (in Halls 2 and 4) and of household appliances & audio/video devices (in Hall 1).

In 1992, Centrala Zaopatrzenia Hutnictwa from Katowice became the new owner of the property. It adapted the existing facilities for trading food products by creating a modern at that time supply centre for southern Poland under the name of Katowickie Hale Targowe S.A., which gathered about 800 trade stands. KHT S.A. was created by: the Katowice municipality, Upper Silesia Commercial Bank and Centrala Zaopatrzenia Hutnictwa.

The establishment of a warehouse complex in the area of nearly 10 hectares allowed to organize a marketplace trade for processed food products in the city of Katowice.

In 1994, the name Katowickie Hale Targowe S.A. was replaced with the name – Katowicki Hurt Towarowy S.A. The years 1994-1995 were the period of economic boom – the halls lacked vacancies, wholesalers ordered additional space in advance, sales were thriving and revenues were significant.

During this period, the office part was expanded in Hall 3. In the following years, enterprises with Western capital entered the Polish market, the first shopping centres were created, which competed with domestic wholesale trade. KHT leased the facility owned by CZH until the end of 1999 and then it was put into liquidation. In order to maintain business continuity, on December 21, 1999, Centrum Handlu Hurtowego Sp. z o.o. was established, whose founder and sole shareholder was Centrala Zaopatrzenia Hutnictwa in Katowice. The majority of KHT’s employees were employed in a new company.

In January 2010, the Company’s name was changed to Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o.

At present, there are almost 250 entities operating at Obroki 130. Their situation under the new company is better, more stable.

To date, “Obroki” is the largest grocery wholesale market in Silesia. Over the last two years, the following modernizations of buildings at Obroki 130 and Gliwicka 234 were performed:

  • at the site at Obroki 130, the retail and warehouse space was expanded by over 2000m2,
  • external lighting has been replaced with modern energy-saving LEDs,
  • safety of the premises has been increased by expanding the CCTV and fire protection system,
  • the roof part of the Shed 2 has been modernized,
  • professional waste storage facilities were made at the Fruit and Vegetable Market,
  • a part of the retail space in Hall 1 was renovated,
  • the car park at Gliwicka Street has been rebuilt,
  • the roof and front elevation of the Warehouse Hall were modernized,

In addition, electricity and water supply networks were gradually modernized.

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