On April 27, in Zory, the finals of the Śląsk Basketball Association in the U-11 category took place, in which the MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice players faced the host of ŻAK Żory and UKS SP 27 Katowice.

The three best teams in the league fought for gold medals playing the tournament with each other. The large audience was a witness of the finale, which was at a really high level. The first match played with the hot cheering of the Czechowicz woman played against the team from Katowice. Despite the nervous start from the first quarter, the match was dictated by the Czechowice MKS. The 20: 0 win of the second quarter allowed for calm control of the meeting in subsequent stages, in which more alternatives were given to the game. After a good meeting, MKS won 51:15.

The match with the home team was to decide who would become the champion of Silesia. Basketball players from Żory entered the match, but from minute to minute Czech Republicans gained advantage and won 1 quarter 10: 5. In the second quarter, the roles were reversed and the initiative belonged to the basketball players of “Ognia”, which reduced the loss to 1 point. The leveled struggle continued until the middle of the third quarter. Good individual actions and effectiveness from the line of personal throws allowed them to dodge their opponents on several points of advantage, which on Thursday the quarter was even bigger. After the final siren, the players, coaches and numerous fans gathered went crazy, and the first championship of Silesia in basketball for MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice became a fact.

MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice – UKS SP 27 Katowice 51:15 (14: 7, 20: 0, 10: 4.7: 4)
MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice – ZAK Żory 45:31 (10: 5, 12:16, 14: 8, 9: 2)

source: http://wiadomosci.czecho.pl/27022-mistrzostwo-slaska-w-koszykowce-dla-mks-czechowice-dziedzice-czechowice-dziedzice

The championship of Silesia in basketball for MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice

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