On 25 May at the hall of Primary School No. 8 in Czechowice-Dziedzice, the 1st International Basketball Tournament OBROKI Basket Cup 2019 took place. Four MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice teams as the host and invited guests of UKS Orlik Ujazd, BK Frydek Mistek and BO participated in the “basketball festival”. Basket Ostrava.

The tournament promised to be very exciting and it really was. In each of the 6 games played, you could see a really good basketball played by all teams. With their technical and motor skills, the players from Frydek Mistek, who with the full set of victories took 1st place, were astonishing. The second place was taken by the players from the Czechowice MKS, and with the bronze medals the tournament ended with the players from UKS Orlik Ujazd.

MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice – UKS Orlik Ujazd 31:15 (7: 6, 9: 2, 2: 4, 13: 3)
BK Frydek Mistek – BO Basket Ostrava 71:12 (20: 4, 17: 2, 19: 6: 18: 0)
BO Basket Ostrava – UKS Orlik Ujazd 19:41 (8: 9, 1:20, 4: 7, 6: 5)
MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice – BK Frydek Mistek 28:58 (10:21, 6:14, 4: 5, 8:18)
BK Frydek Mistek – UKS Orlik Ujazd 44:28 (20: 3, 5: 6, 9:14, 10: 4)
MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice – BO Basket Ostrava 35:15 (7: 5, 8: 2, 13: 6, 7: 2)

1. BK Frydek Mistek
2. MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice
3. UKS Orlik Ujazd
4. BO Basket Ostrava

BK Frydek Mistek team received an impressive cup, and each of the participants received a medal funded by the Mayor of Czechowice-Dziedzice, which was given by the deputy mayor Paweł Mrowiec, chairman of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee – Magdalena Kubik and the President of the Silesian Wholesale Market OBROKI – Krzysztof de Mehlem.

Individual awards were also granted:

MVP OBROKI Basket Cup – Tereza Galasdova (BK Frydek Mistek)
The best rider BK Frydek Mistek: Lucie Rekova
The best player of MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice: Milena Maciejczyk
The best UKS Orlik Ujazd player: Karolina Olszyńska
The best player of BO Basket Ostrava: Tereza Prochazkova
The best-scoring contestant: Karin Kovalsikova (BK Frydek Mistek)
Individual award: Oliwia Uciecha (MKS Czechowice-Dziedzice)


Gallery of photos from OBROKI BASKET CUP 2019

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