The largest food market in Silesia

OBROKI is the largest grocery wholesale market in Upper Silesia. The company is the administrator of the facility, rents retail, warehouse and office space, provides other additional services related to renting space and the organization of appropriate conditions for business activities of entities operating on the Market area in the domestic and foreign trade.

Hall No. 1 in the Obroki complex is a place of trade that is vibrant every day from the morning to the afternoon hours. Over 200 food wholesalers in one place.

A wide range of goods, starting from: sweets, drinks, alcohol, tobacco products, to dairy products, meat, cold cuts, fish and eggs. In addition, the fruit and vegetable the market is open next to our halls from the hours of the night. Some of our operators also specialize in products in the following categories: domestic detergents, German detergents, household goods or ecological products.

It is also good to note that the entry and parking for customers is free of charge, which distinguishes us from this type of facilities throughout Poland.

Modern infrastructure, equipped with convenient driveways and car parks guarantees efficient and secure transport. The food market Obroki is fenced, illuminated and has 24 hour security and monitoring services provided.

The shopping hall is heated. In winter, the area around it is regularly cleared of snow. Customers can use shopping trolleys.

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