Strategy and Market position

Strategic aims of the Company

The main objectives and strategic directions of The Silesian Wholesale Market Obroki (Śląski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI) activities are aimed at maintaininng the continuity of the effectiveness of operation, diversification of commercial activities and consolidation of its image as well as strengthening the market position of the Company, assuming the implementation of the goals:

The creation of a regional market under the name of Silesia Agricultural Wholesale Market, which will complement the existing food market with the market for unprocessed agricultural products

Investments in advanced information technology, technical upgrading of IT hardware, the implementation of the new system tools supporting commercial activities, for operators and for The Silesian Wholesale Market Obroki employees

Preparation of the hall for the branches of foreign companies offering traditional products from their respective countries

The introduction of new elements in marketing visualization and intensive promotion of the brand

Optimizing the trade and service premises, organization of work in a spirit of self-improvement and consequently continuous improvement of services quality and products.

The key factors of position a competitive Company


  • Running business in a place with long-lasting traditions concerning wholesale trade
  • More than 95% of the intended use of space rental
  • Satisfactory profit from business that allows funding its own replacement of investment expenditure
  • A well-organized service vehicles at its current The Silesian Wholesale Market Obroki premises (wide roads, easy access to the halls, easy loading and unloading, working hours convenient for customers)
  • Offer stability and awareness of meeting customer needs
  • Implemented Quality Management System in accordance with the PN EN ISO 9001


  • The possibility of obtaining area adjacent to the current The Silesian Wholesale Market Obroki area so as to carry  out the project related to of the unprocessed agricultural products market;
  • The local authorities decision on the construction of the road-connector between the centre of Chorzów and A4 Roads across the trail “Średnicowa” which is situated in the vicinity of existing sites of The Silesian Wholesale Market Obroki
  • The possibility of obtaining support from the European Union on the implementation of the project investment
  • Proximity of Euroterminal in Sławków that in the near future can become a major point of food import distribution from Ukraine to the United States and Western Europe.