Social business responsibility

The Silesian Wholesale Market Obroki pays considerable attention to managing the estate in accordance with the social business responsibility policy, understood as the long-term strategy of management and development, based on the company values, which enables the company to gain business benefits only by ethical and clear actions, taking into consideration the needs of all stakeholders. 

In accordance with the above policy, the Company accepted the following operational principles for the presented areas:

  • environment,
  • management,
  • clients,
  • employees,
  • community and
  • suppliers

The Company’s mission is the sustainable growth of efficiency by providing the clients with the optimal conditions for running business concerning agri-foodstuff. 

The mission is being implemented considering such values as: individual client-centered approach, reliability, competent and committed staff, high standard of provided services, long-standing experience, established positive image and eagerness to take up new challenges. All operations are based on the principles of social business responsibility and sustainable development.