Marketing offer

Marketing Department of The Silesian Wholesale Market Obroki invites everybody to cooperate in the areas of:

  • placing billboards - on buildings, fence, access routes and internal roads,
  • inclusion of a notice in the form of advertising banner on our website,
  • renting car exposition places,
  • renting promotion – tasting stands
  • inclusion of advertising module on wall calendar

Details of the marketing offer can be found in the attached files below: 

1. Billboards 
2. Advertising banners on the website
3. The car exposition places
4. Renting promotional – tasting stands 
5. Advertising modules on the wall calendar

For further information, please contact:

Anna Wichary – Customer Service Department Manager
phone: 32/ 359 41 26 

Justyna Probierz – Customer Service Department Specialist
phone: 32/ 359 41 24